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Case Study: The Midwest Center for Sight and Navigate Patient Solutions

As one of Navigate’s earliest client partners, The Midwest Center for Sight (TMCFS), recently agreed to participate in a Case Study to review the value our partnership has brought to the surgeons, the practice, and their patients.  Dr. James Katz, Owner and Surgeon, summarized the relationship by sharing:

“Navigate has been so easy to work with! Their Navigators have all been very professional and worked so seamlessly with our clinic staff that our patients don’t realize they’re not employed by TMCFS. We plan to continue this partnership indefinitely!”

When initially partnering with The Midwest Center for Sight, the Navigate team was aware of some staffing challenges that the practice was working through.  With the practice wanting to improve upon their existing education process, they turned to Navigate to supplement their current team’s efforts.  Navigate’s focus on the human approach to education ensured patients were entering the practice with all the information they needed for their cataract evaluation.  Dr. Katz went on to say:

“In spite of staffing needs and increasing volume, we were diligent about patient education, but like most practices, we were still seeing patients arrive at evaluations unprepared for the decisions they needed to make”

Through a combined effort, Navigate and TMCFS were able to provide a consistent, concierge-level experience for cataract patients that resulted in:

  • An average savings of 4-8 minutes per evaluation appointment, opening up availability to see additional 2-3 cases weekly
  • A reduced need to hire additional staff to support their growing surgical volume
  • A 20% and 30% increase in Premium IOL selections for the two surgeons at TMCFS

Happier patients, time back in the day, and a very strong return-on-investment – these three things are the keys to a successful partnership.  Connect with the Navigate Team to discuss your existing cataract education process and see if you can expect similar results!

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